The cuisine of Oaxaca is one the richest and most varied in all of Mexico. The region’s food is heavily influenced by the indigenous Zapotec people that have lived in the area for around 3,000 years. Since most food consumed in Oaxaca is fresh and locally grown, the food is of exceptional quality.

One of the main traditional Zapotec dishes is sopa de calabaza which is a soup that uses the abundant crop of squashes grown on Oaxacan mountainsides. Chocolate is also a typical Oaxacan Read the rest of this entry »

Oaxaca has a number of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages that are well-known. For those who are of age and would like to try the alcoholic offerings in this state of Mexico known for its unique cuisine, one of the beverages not to be missed is classic Mexican mescal, which is made from the juice of the maguey planet which has undergone fermentation. This same plant provides the sap used in pulque, another important Mexican drink, which has a low alcohol content. Another drink that is important Read the rest of this entry »

It is impossible to think of Mexican cuisine without thinking of corn. After all, corn was domesticated right next door to Mexico in South America. Tortillas are the first thing many people think of, but there is so much more to corn than that.
Not all corn is used for tortillas, of course, corn is the main ingredient in that little piece of heaven called tamales. A corn dough is placed in a sturdy leaf, filled with a savory meat mixture, a Read the rest of this entry »

Next time you are in Oaxaca and want a culinary adventure, you might try chapulines colorados for an afternoon snack. Red grasshoppers of the genus Sphenarium are a common snack food item served as an appetizer in this region in Mexico.

The grasshoppers are collected during the months of May through August and maybe into early October. They are thoroughly washed and toasted. The toasting occurs on a round earthen dish called a comal. When toasted, the grasshoppers turn a bright red color. The grasshoppers are sprinkled with garlic, lime Read the rest of this entry »

Mexican cuisine and cooking styles vary in each region, but that of the Oaxaca cuisine, offers the most unique taste within the country’s borders. The location is a mix of mountain ranges, and smaller outlaying states, which gives the cuisine in the region a distinct flavor, with a mix from every region surrounding it. It is known as the “land of the seven moles,” and grows a variety of vegetable in the central valley; fish and shell Read the rest of this entry »

The country of Mexico is a land of diversity with influences of indigenous tribes, Spanish colonialism and is a melting pot of culture, history and cuisine. A walk down any street, in any town in Mexico will overwhelm the visitor with aromas of wood smoke, grilling meats and a variety of spices which represent the distinctive cuisine that is Mexico.

The staples of the country are corn and beans; the corn being used to make masa dough used in the preparation of tortillas, tamales and gorditas. Many food stands sell grilled corn on the cob, a corn cocktail that is Read the rest of this entry »

These little Spanish cakes or tortillas can be bought in the store as soft or hard tortillas. The good and tasty tortillas are made from scratch from your own kitchen, with flour, baking powder and salt. Corn tortillas are also made from corn flour. Do not use corn meal.

Tortillas have many uses such as in Fajitas, cheese nachos, tortilla soup, flautas or tortilla wraps. Some may even fry them and sprinkle them cinnamon and sugar for a light and crispy dessert.This/tag helps explain it more. These pieces of cinnamon tortilla can be dipped in ice cream and hot fudge to make a more Read the rest of this entry »

You may have noticed a slew of new Mexican chefs on TV and we have too! It’s exciting to see so many new people exposed to our wonderful cuisine and we’d like to share with you our favorite Mexican chefs…do some more research on your internet or tune into one of their shows!
Rick Bayless: Rick is more of an actual chef than a TV personality but he’s reigned as the god of Mexican cooking for over 2 decades. He’s actually not Mexican in heritage but boy Read the rest of this entry »

The wonderful and versatile tomato is such an important part of Mexican cuisine that there simply could be no replacement. Thankfully, there is a wide range of varieties for this wonderful fruit which is grown and used as a vegetable.

The tomatoes that we know today are quite different from the original varieties found growing wild and then cultivated in Mesoamerica as far back as 500 BC. The original species were often green and much smaller. Cultivation and propagation over the centuries created the many delicious varieties that we enjoy today.

Certain varieties Read the rest of this entry »

While we love Mexican food here in the United States, there are some dishes that we eat at our favorite Mexican restaurants that are our own creations. For example, you will not find burritos in most eateries in Mexico, nor will you find nacho’s, which while developed in Mexico, is more of a snack that we enjoy in the United States. When you talk about true Mexican cuisine, there are a couple of dishes that automatically come to mind.

Hands down, the most popular dish in Mexican cuisine Read the rest of this entry »