While we love Mexican food here in the United States, there are some dishes that we eat at our favorite Mexican restaurants that are our own creations. For example, you will not find burritos in most eateries in Mexico, nor will you find nacho’s, which while developed in Mexico, is more of a snack that we enjoy in the United States. When you talk about true Mexican cuisine, there are a couple of dishes that automatically come to mind.

Hands down, the most popular dish in Mexican cuisine is the taco. No matter where you are in Mexico, you can find someone selling tacos in corn or flour tortillas on the street corner. Taco’s are a staple of Mexican cuisine because they are cheap and easy to make. Other popular traditional Mexican dishes are tamales, enchiladas, and quesidillas. When it comes to sandwiches in Mexico, you have to go with the torta, which comes with a light and airy bread filled with just about anything you want. For special occasions, your typically find a dish with chicken or pork covered in mole. Mole is a spicy sauce that is actually a combination of dozens of ground up spices, including chocolate, cinnamon, and chili pepper.

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