You may have noticed a slew of new Mexican chefs on TV and we have too! It’s exciting to see so many new people exposed to our wonderful cuisine and we’d like to share with you our favorite Mexican chefs…do some more research on your internet or tune into one of their shows!
Rick Bayless: Rick is more of an actual chef than a TV personality but he’s reigned as the god of Mexican cooking for over 2 decades. He’s actually not Mexican in heritage but boy does he know his way around the kitchen.
Pati’s Mexican Table: Pati was born and raised in Mexico and her show really enforces the family-style feeling many Mexicans eat by. Pati showcases classic Mexican ingredients and prepares meals in a rustic, home style way.
Mexican Made Easy: Airing on the Food Network, Chef Marcela’s Mexican cooking show is a taste of all things Latin and not specifically Mexican. She loves to talk about her rich family history but don’t expect any overcomplicated Mexican dishes here. This show’s for the novice.

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