The country of Mexico is a land of diversity with influences of indigenous tribes, Spanish colonialism and is a melting pot of culture, history and cuisine. A walk down any street, in any town in Mexico will overwhelm the visitor with aromas of wood smoke, grilling meats and a variety of spices which represent the distinctive cuisine that is Mexico.

The staples of the country are corn and beans; the corn being used to make masa dough used in the preparation of tortillas, tamales and gorditas. Many food stands sell grilled corn on the cob, a corn cocktail that is to die for and beans are served as a side for all meals. Rice was introduced by the Spaniards and is a side for lunch and dinner.

When one thinks of Mexican food, the first thing that comes to mind is chilies. There are many varieties of chilies the most notable being jalapenos, serranos and the smoky flavored chipotle. Chilies are ground, diced, grilled and served whole with some being mild and others fiery.

Oregano is widely used in the preparation of beans, cilantro in salsas, cinnamon in sweets and nearly all Mexican food is heavy with garlic and onions.

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