Mexican cuisine and cooking styles vary in each region, but that of the Oaxaca cuisine, offers the most unique taste within the country’s borders. The location is a mix of mountain ranges, and smaller outlaying states, which gives the cuisine in the region a distinct flavor, with a mix from every region surrounding it. It is known as the “land of the seven moles,” and grows a variety of vegetable in the central valley; fish and shell fish from the coasts on the borders; and the tropical fruit which grows in the region year round, offers a unique blend, great taste, and a style unlike anywhere else in Mexico.Is this new to you? Catch up here

Corn is one of the staples in all of Mexico, and Oaxaca is no different. From tamales, to empanadas, the vegetable is one the country could not survive without. People of the region are also very fond of beans, especially black, which are served in soups, or as a topping on top of sauces. Additionally, black and kidney beans are very prominent in the chilli made here, and the colors really give a distinct look to the dish. With the varying cultures surrounding Oaxaca, there is a varying degree in the foods, and the cuisines found in the region.

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