It is impossible to think of Mexican cuisine without thinking of corn. After all, corn was domesticated right next door to Mexico in South America. Tortillas are the first thing many people think of, but there is so much more to corn than that.
Not all corn is used for tortillas, of course, corn is the main ingredient in that little piece of heaven called tamales. A corn dough is placed in a sturdy leaf, filled with a savory meat mixture, a sweet fruit mixture, or even left without a filling. Oaxacan tamales are the tamales wrapped with banana leaves. Cooks in dryer parts of Mexico use the corn husks. Either way, they are delicious.
Another wonderful Mexican corn dish is posole, which is a warm hominy stew. A rich meat and hominy bowl is set in front of the diner, along with a smaller bowl of spicy sauce, which can be added to the main stew to taste. In some parts of Mexico and the American Southwest, Posole is the dish traditionally served after Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve.
Not every dish calls for so much preparation, of course, there is also fresh corn. Oaxacan grilled corn, fresh ears of corn grilled with chili and lime, is the perfect summer vegetable.

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