Oaxaca is known as the land of the “Seven Moles”. Mole gets its name from a Nahuatl word which mean “Moli”. Mole is a sauce which contains as many as 32 spices and flavors including chocolate. Mole is a very traditional ingredient in Oaxaca cooking. Oaxacan food is known for its blending of Mediterranean and Mesoamerican flavors. It is very spicy and quite exotic in flavor. A very popular Oaxacan meal might include the dish called “chapulinas colorados”, which is a salty and appetizing dish that is sure to tempt your taste buds. The culinary staples of Oaxaca are meat and corn. Some of the most popular appetizers and main dishes are molletes and tarazones. Tortillas are very common in Oaxaca cuisine because they are so versatile. Tortillas can easily be transformed into delicious dishes such as gorditas and quesadillas. Another tasty favorite, known as the tostada ,is simply a fried tortilla. The tostada can be topped with all kinds of wonderful meats and cheeses to create a scrumptious side dish or even a main course. If entertaining guests, they would certainly enjoy eating appetizers that are Oaxaca favorites like tamales or clayudas as well.

An Oaxacan meal would not be complete without serving a lovely drink along with these tantalizing favorites. Oaxaca is famous for its delicious alcoholic beverage known as Mezcal. Interestingly it is made from the Agave cactus and comes in many different flavors and ages.Of course no meal is finished without a beautiful dessert. Oaxacan desserts include barquillos which are pudding filled pastries that would please any palate.The empanada is another fruit filled turnover filled with such things as pineapple and coconut. Try some of the wonderful Oaxaca cuisine and see if you don’t agree it is some of the most appetizing food in the world.

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